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The choice is yours with cleaning. We can do as much or as little as you like. Whether you want a full cleaning of the entire house or a dusting and general cleaning once or twice a week. It’s up to you!


Need an item hand washed or the full weekly washing loaded or unloaded from the washing machine? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Same goes for the drying of clothing too along with ironing


Need a sandwich prepared or a pie popped in the oven? We don’t mind at all. For some of our clients, they just need that bit of extra support when it comes to cooking. We don’t mind preparing meals either by chopping ingredients. We understand and value that cooking is an important aspect of your independence.


Whether it’s just one or two items or a weekly shop – We can either get these items for you or help you get them! We love hunting for deals to make sure you get the best.


Socialisation Support

Unfortunately, a study conducted by Age UK more than 2 million people over the age of 75 live alone. More than 1 million of these people said they went over a month without any contact from friends, neighbours or family members. Whatever the cause or reason behind this, it can be very easy for an elderly member of the community to feel alone and vulnerable. Understandably not a nice feeling which can lead to illnesses such as depression and a decline in physical health and wellbeing. 

We can do one off trips for you or make it a regular thing. Some people have commitments like Church where others just want a trip down to the Metro Centre for a change of scenery and a day out. The location and purpose is down to you completely. Some clients use this service for a coffee and a change of scenery once a week.

Source: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/women60-plus/Pages/Loneliness-in-older-people.aspx



“I have been with Community Assistance since they begun. I have one member of staff who always comes to clean for me once per week. It is nice that it’s a familiar face. On my 90th birthday, Community Assistance sent some flowers and a card to my door which was a really nice gesture.”

Mrs Murray / Bill Quay.

“Community Assistance visits me once per week. Although I have downsized to a one bedroom flat recently, I still find the service useful. The staff are very friendly and I look forward to them visiting.”

Mr Duff

“The members of staff at Community Assistance are very hard working. I really enjoy having the company of the staff”

Mrs Munday / Pelaw.

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