Testimonials from our Clients

Here is what our clients think of our services...

Miss Mason

“Community Assistance has helped me regain my confidence by providing me with Socialisation Support. The Staff take me out twice per week to go shopping and for a coffee. I enjoy the company. ”

Miss Mason / Felling.


“Community Assistance visit our unit once per week in order to keep the office, toilets and canteen clean and tidy. The service is cheap and professional. Staff always show ID and wear branded uniform.”

Woodauto / Team Valley.

“I have been with Community Assistance since they begun. I have one member of staff who always comes to clean for me once per week. It is nice that it’s a familiar face. On my 90th birthday, Community Assistance sent some flowers and a card to my door which was a really nice gesture.”

Mrs Murray / Bill Quay.

“Community Assistance visits me once per week. Although I have downsized to a one bedroom flat recently, I still find the service useful. The staff are very friendly and I look forward to them visiting.”

Mr Duff

“The members of staff at Community Assistance are very hard working. I really enjoy having the company of the staff”

Mrs Munday / Pelaw.

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